What’s in my bag? 

Qu’est ce qu’il y a dans mon sac ?

Today I have decided to do a ‘What’s in my bag?’ blogpost since I love reading this on other blogs and I love watching youtube videos about this topic. They inspired me a lot. I think it not only shows your bag organisation but it also reveals a little part of your personnality and it can also inspire other people. So let’s get started!

My boyfriend gives me this beautiful burgundy leather bag for christmas last year and I love it so much! It is very good quality and it is surely my favorite bag ever! It has two little straps, so that you could carry it by hand and it also has a long strap, so that you can carry it over the shoulder, as you like. The reason why I love it so much is just because it is pretty easy to organise since it has got 3 sections with 2 big size areas and then a middle zipper one. Moreover this bag is large enough to put all my university stuffs in it. I empty it every evening to make sure I have got all the things I need for the next day. This is a little tip I give you not to accumulate things you do not need in your bag.

To take notes during classes, all I need is a document wallet with sheets of paper in it. This one is pink with some butterflies on it, so cute! I also need a pencil case with some pens of different colours, pencils, highlighters, a rubber and a tiny ruler. It is a laminated pencil case and that material makes it very resistant, in fact I have got it for 3 years. I plan all the things concerning school in my diary which -and I am really proud of it- perfectly matches with my pencil case!

My grandmother gives me this beautiful colourful purse for my 18th birthday last year. There, I use to keep my identity card, all my fidelity cards and of course some cash.

They are never far away because I use them every day. On my house keys, I have got a beautiful braid woven from multi-coloured plastic-thread made by my young sister. I love little home made gifts like this! I always thought they are pretty cool and easy to make and they always make someone happy. Oh and if you wonder, these are my bus card and my student card. 

You always need water, this is indispensable and vital! It is important to drink water regularly during the day because it makes you in a good health state. Sure chewing gums are not vital like water is but I like to take one after my lunch. I can count on it to deliver fresh breath anytime!

Just in case. I fill it with a hand creme, a lip balm, an hydroalcoholic gel and some drugs for headaches or stomachaches. Sometimes I also put some make up stuffs in it.

I always need my little notebook! I put down all my ideas in it, all the things I have to remember and not to forget, and all the things I have to do. This is really useful and help me to keep organised in my every day life.

You do not know when you will have five or ten minutes in your working day. If you have a book on hand then you can enjoy reading. Here is the solution to shorten the wait when you are at the bus station!

Just because music makes me feel happy and I am verry sad when I forget my headphones. Thus, there are always with me!

And you, what’s in your bag?

In French we say ‘Et toi, qu’est ce qu’il y a dans ton sac?’


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