Idiomatic expressions about animals

Expressions idiomatiques sur les animaux

As you probably know if you have read my previous posts, I am a French girl and I have decided starting blogging to improve my english writting. In other words, I am not bilingual and even if I read a lot and watch many youtube videos in English, I often have to check some words in the dictionnary. And sometimes, I come accross idiomatic expressions of which I have no idea of their meaning or their signification because they are not the same from a language to another. That is why, in today’s blogpost, I have decided to give you some English idioms I found funny, their equivalent in French and their literal translations in both language. I did not do it on purpose but all these idioms deal with animals, quite funny, isn’t it ? I hope you will have fun!


It’s raining cats and dogs (literally: Il pleut des chats et des chiens)
Il pleut des cordes (literally: It’s raining ropes)
To be blind as a bat (literally: Etre aveugle comme une chauve-souris)
Etre myope comme une taupe (literally: To be short-sighted as a mole)
Curiosity killed the cat (literally: La curiosité a tué le chat)
La curiosité est un vilain défaut (literally: Curiosity is a awful flaw)
To drink like a fish (literally: Boire comme un poisson)
Boire comme un trou (literally: To drink like a hole)
When pigs fly (literally: Quand les cochons voleront)
Quand les poules auront des dents (literally: When hens have teeth)
A can of worms (literally: Une boite de vers de terre)
Un sac de noeuds (literally: A bag of knots)
To act as a goat (literally: Agir comme une chèvre)
Faire le pitre (literally: To act like a clown)
You can’t teach an old dog new tricks (literally: On n’apprend pas de nouveaux tours à un vieux chien)
On n’apprend pas à un vieux singe à faire la grimace (literally: You can’t teach an old monkey to grimace)
To work like a dog (literally: Travailler comme un chien)
Travailler comme un fou (literally: To work like a mad person)
To have a frog in one’s throat (literally: Avoir une grenouille dans la gorge)
Avoir un chat dans la gorge (literally: To have a cat in one’s throat)
To play cat and mouse with someone (literally: Jouer au chat et à la souris avec quelqu’un)
Faire tourner quelqu’un en bourrique (literally: To make someone turn as a donkey)
To kill two birds with one stone (literally: Tuer deux oiseaux avec une pierre)
Faire d’une pierre deux coups (literally: To make two blows with one stone)
To put the cart before the horse (literally: Mettre la charrette avant le cheval)
Mettre la charrue avant les bœufs (literally: To put the plough before the bullocks)
A cock-and-bull story (literally: Une distoire de coq et de taureau)
Une histoire à dormir debout (literally: A story to sleep on your feet)
To count one’s chickens before they are hatched (literally: Compter les poulets de quelqu’un avant qu’ils aient éclos)
Vendre la peau de l’ours avant de l’avoir tué (literally: To sell the bear’s skin before killing it)
Speak of the devil (literally: Quand on parle du diable)
Quand on parle du loup (literally: Speak of the wolf)
To treat someone like dirt (literally: Traiter quelqu’un comme une saleté)
Traiter quelqu’un comme un chien (literally: To treat someone like a dog)
Children are what they are made (literally: Les enfants tiennent de ceux qui les ont fait)
Les chiens ne font pas des chats (literally: Dogs can’t have cats)
Hear a pin drop (literally: Entendre une épingle tomber)
Entendre les mouches voler (literally: Hear flies flying)


The end! I think there are a lot more of idioms but I have only put down my favorites ones.

And you, what is you favorite idiomatic expression?
In French we say: ‘Et toi, quelle est ton expression idiomatique préférée ?’

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